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Friday, June 8, 2012

An ImPressive Ten Years

I realized this week that it's officially been ten years since I've been working at Bellissima, so I've decided to take a trip down memory lane through some press images that kind of encapsulate some of our finer moments.  Do you guys remember any of these? 
Accessories Magazine Fall 2006-love the neutrals, just always liked this page.  The flower is ours, the crescent filigree earrings next to them were from one of the first parts I ever tried to design, I guess toward the end of 2002.

Oprah's gift guide I guess December 2010-so much fun to get to work with Sabine of Platino on Montana for this-especially when she thanked us with a bottle of pink bubbly-drank it with some of my favorite sushi, a great way to end a work week!

Buckles Buckles Buckles-really cute photograph!
Harper's Bazaar-Need I say more?

This Buckle press created quite the hubbub, we couldn't keep it in stock.  You never know why or when press is going to create a stir, this was definitely one of those times.

These next two images are from Japanese magazines, could these pages be any cooler?

Jessica Simpson wearing our filigree cuff in Light Horn, this was in one of the gossip magazines, and it was also in one of the other ones, same exact kind of story, same celebrities, I thought it was funny, but I also thought it was pretty cool-she was definitely majorly in the spot-light when this was photographed

One of my favorites ever.  Love the whole page, the colors and layout is gorgeous

I love the swirl cuff, it is probably my favorite item, and I know I'm not the only one who thinks so, this was great press.
This was definitely me finding out about press through a friend's phone call.  It's a fun call to take, makes my life seem a lot more glamorous than it is.  A LOT more!!

Just love it.  This was a WWD Accessories supplement
The end all be all for me.  The lotus cuff was the first thing I ever designed that took off and sold like mad.  The first thing that made me feel like I was doing something right.  Then Cameron wore it.  She even punched out a paparazzo wearing it!!!  I was so proud-I think she may have channeled me when she did that:)
So here we are ten years later!  It's been interesting, and I'm interested to see what's next!