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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Scarlet Green

Everyone is talking about green this spring, emerald green to be more specific, as in The Emerald City, as in Oz: The Great. When The Wizard of Oz came out in 1939, another movie came out that year too, you may have heard of it: Gone With The Wind.  This epic, wonderful, miserable movie featured one of the most complex, you love to hate her characters of all time, Miss Katie Scarlett O'Hara.  She is one tough B-word, and thanks to costume designer, Walter Plunkett, she also always dressed impeccably.  Her name may be Scarlett, but she wore lots and lots of green (my favorite color).  So, instead of getting on the Oz bandwagon, I choose Scarlet as my inspiration to Bellissima's take on spring green.

This is a publicity still, this scene in the movie is when I hate her the most (she's really gotta get over Ashley Wilkes) but, what an amazing 'robe'!

Her famous Wilkes Barbeque dress, right before the war broke out
Scarlet being Scarlet
Her famous 'curtain' dress,  who else could pull off curtains like that?
At Tara with Rhett after their honeymoon
So now that you're all probably like me, "Pea green with envy" over her wardrobe, maybe some emerald Bellissima jewels can be a more realistic approach to wearing green!

Green Tapered Cuffs with Filigree Applique

Some mixed links

Our Cuffs
Our assorted earrings

Cabochon cuffs, bangles and stud earrings

Chain chain chain

Friday, February 15, 2013

Updated Line: Spring/Summer 2013

Our coral was so popular that it sold out!  So, we've made some changes to the Spring/Summer 1013 line.  Some of our styles are pictured below, and if you would like to request our line sheets email us: bellissima@moschitto.com
Our Medium Filigree Cuff

Everyone's favorite chain

The Cabochon Bangles

Cabochon Cuffs

Our long, lean, layerable and coloful chain

Filigree earrings

Our Crescent Ears

Chain Earrings

The 2" Solid Cuff

Our Tapered Cuff