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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Lisa August

 To all Bellissima friends who may not have heard, Bellissima is now Lisa August Inc.!
Please follow our new blog: http://lisaaugust.blogspot.com/
Our new website and retail/wholesale site is: www.lisaaugust.com
Our Spring/Summer 2014 Tradeshow Schedule is:

Lisa August Trade 2014 Show Schedule
ENK Accessory Circuit
January 6-8
Pier 94
Booth #: 3107
Atlanta Gift Show
January 9-13
America's Mart Building 3, 4th Floor Jewelry & Fashion Accessories
Booth #: 4-1918

NY NOW (NY Gift Show)
February 2-6
Javits Center : Personal Accessories
Booth#: 8622
We hope you have a very Happy Holiday Season, and see you in the New Year!

Monday, July 29, 2013

We're Lisa August Now!

Hi Bellissima Fan-
If you are looking for the latest info on our jewelry, please not we are now Lisa August.  Please view our blog here: Lisa August
We're still your favorite, most comfortable, and durable acetate statement jewelry that is still made in NYC.  Check us out!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Scarlet Green

Everyone is talking about green this spring, emerald green to be more specific, as in The Emerald City, as in Oz: The Great. When The Wizard of Oz came out in 1939, another movie came out that year too, you may have heard of it: Gone With The Wind.  This epic, wonderful, miserable movie featured one of the most complex, you love to hate her characters of all time, Miss Katie Scarlett O'Hara.  She is one tough B-word, and thanks to costume designer, Walter Plunkett, she also always dressed impeccably.  Her name may be Scarlett, but she wore lots and lots of green (my favorite color).  So, instead of getting on the Oz bandwagon, I choose Scarlet as my inspiration to Bellissima's take on spring green.

This is a publicity still, this scene in the movie is when I hate her the most (she's really gotta get over Ashley Wilkes) but, what an amazing 'robe'!

Her famous Wilkes Barbeque dress, right before the war broke out
Scarlet being Scarlet
Her famous 'curtain' dress,  who else could pull off curtains like that?
At Tara with Rhett after their honeymoon
So now that you're all probably like me, "Pea green with envy" over her wardrobe, maybe some emerald Bellissima jewels can be a more realistic approach to wearing green!

Green Tapered Cuffs with Filigree Applique

Some mixed links

Our Cuffs
Our assorted earrings

Cabochon cuffs, bangles and stud earrings

Chain chain chain

Friday, February 15, 2013

Updated Line: Spring/Summer 2013

Our coral was so popular that it sold out!  So, we've made some changes to the Spring/Summer 1013 line.  Some of our styles are pictured below, and if you would like to request our line sheets email us: bellissima@moschitto.com
Our Medium Filigree Cuff

Everyone's favorite chain

The Cabochon Bangles

Cabochon Cuffs

Our long, lean, layerable and coloful chain

Filigree earrings

Our Crescent Ears

Chain Earrings

The 2" Solid Cuff

Our Tapered Cuff


Thursday, January 3, 2013

Bellissima Spring Line 2013

This Spring, we are keeping our line clean and simple.   Our best selling pieces in our best selling colors, with a few new styles and pops of color to keep things interesting.  Here are some of my favorite styles from the collection.  To request the full line sheet, email us!
Our Skinny Hoops.  Light-weight, and so easy to wear

What's a spring without this cuff?  Somehow it never gets old, and it's so easy to pop one on in the morning.

I'm a big fan of the long and lean chains.  You can wear them long for a casual look, or double them to add some sophistication.  I love our solid colored ones, but love the pop of coral in this version!

I LOVE our newest filigree earring.  It's the perfect shape and size.

The crescent ear is the perfect summer earring for day and night.

Our skinny round stack bracelets are experiencing quite the revival.  I love stacking them with other embellished skinny bangles.  You can't have enough in Tokyo.

This is a new chain ear.  I like it, and I have high hopes for it!  It's kind of unique, but not totally out there.

Solid cuffs-solid for Spring and Summer with jeans and a t-shirt

All our chain necks are still doing really well, and they're all available in these colors.

Friday, November 30, 2012

The Gift of Bellissima

I know it's not always easy for our fans to find us in their local stores, and Bellissima makes a pretty nice gift for the ladies in your life, so I've compiled some websites where you can buy some Bellissima just in time for the holidays, hope this helps!

First off, there's Max & Chloe, a great jewelry website, as many of you probably already know.  They've just updated our jewelry, and there are many of our bestselling styles to choose from.

Click here to shop for Bellissima @ Max & Chloe!

Some of our pieces featured on Max & Chloe website

Then, there's our friends over in Louisiana, The Garden Gates.  They're a small business, they offer free shipping, and they sell A LOT of our bestselling styles, so you should definitely check them out!

Click Here to Shop Bellissima @ The Garden Gates

Some of our Jewels at the Garden Gates
There's also Sloan, a great boutique located in Charlotte, they've featured us in their holiday gift guide (which has some GORGEOUS accessories in it), and they're another great small business to buy from.

Click Here To Shop Sloan's Holiday Gift Guide!

Featured in Sloan's Holiday Gift Guide
Our friends at Sassanova also feature a lot of our bestsellers in tortoise and gator.

Click Here to Shop @ Sassanova!

Love our chain necks?  Love them in Summer neutrals like horn, gator and turquoise?  Buy them at Isabel Harvey! (they also are selling our tapered cuffs)

Click here to shop Bellissima at Isabel Harvey

A little something for the snowbirds sold at Isabel Harvey
If brights and free shipping are your thing, check our our store at Amazon, which will also be featuring many of our neutrals very soon.

Click here to shop Bellissima on Amazon

If you feel like shopping in a local store, I did blog about that sort of recently:
CLICK HERE to view the stores we are in, hopefully in a boutique near you!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

There's No Place Like Happy Hour for the Holidays

Every year around this time, we solidify a date for our Bellissima Holiday sale at Common Ground, in NYC.  All our fans and friends come out to buy some gifts for loved ones and themselves.  We have some drinks, maybe some paninis and it's always a lot of fun.  We always like to give some portion of the proceeds to charity.  Historically, we donate to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, but this year we will donate to the victims of Hurricane Sandy.  It's looking like it's going to be a cold winter, and a very hard Holiday season for a lot of New Yorkers.  So, on a happy note, we'll be doing our small part to help those who were hit hard by Sandy.  So, come on out, and let's do some good while having a good time!  
Cheesy but true...

Here are the deets:
Thursday, December 6th 
at Common Ground
206 Avenue A (bet. 12th St. & 13th St.)
Happy Hour specials on food and drinks til 8PM

We will also be at the Sotheby's Holiday Bazaar on Tuesday, December 4th.  During the day, from 12-4pm, so if you're in the neighborhood and can't make it on the 6th, it is open to the public, so you can visit us on your lunch break.  Better lighting, but no booze-you be the judge.

Some of our Honey and Black Pieces

And Bronze and deco

Some of our favorite cuffs

Assorted Earrings

If you're into neons

Some pretty tortoise combinations

Great Mom gifts!

Tortoise Stunner

More fun tortoise and neutral combos.
 There will be lot's more there, and if there's anything that you're looking for that you didn't see, let us know!  See you there!