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Friday, October 12, 2012

My Favorite Fall Accessory

 There's a time of year when you have finally stopped perspiring profusely, and you actually find yourself welcoming the cold.  You look forward to pulling your favorite sweaters out of your closet, and your fingers have gone back to their normal, non-swelled size.  Fall is upon us, and as I reached for my warm, cozy old sweaters this week, I also found myself reaching for my favorite statement rings, that I tend to leave behind during the summer months.

This year, Bellissima has a fun new ring, perfect for this time of year, and we basically have one in all the colors that you would ever need!  I like to wear the red one with my favorite black cardigan, but I love to wear the safari color with my favorite brown sweater.  The options are endless!

The rings are hand-bent to an approximate size 7, so whichever finger they'll fit, they're sure to be a hit-hahaha (it's Friday afternoon, I can't help myself)...They're an inexpensive way to keep your fall wardrobe fun and fresh, which I intend to do until glove season is upon us!