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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Bellissima Spring Line 2013

This Spring, we are keeping our line clean and simple.   Our best selling pieces in our best selling colors, with a few new styles and pops of color to keep things interesting.  Here are some of my favorite styles from the collection.  To request the full line sheet, email us!
Our Skinny Hoops.  Light-weight, and so easy to wear

What's a spring without this cuff?  Somehow it never gets old, and it's so easy to pop one on in the morning.

I'm a big fan of the long and lean chains.  You can wear them long for a casual look, or double them to add some sophistication.  I love our solid colored ones, but love the pop of coral in this version!

I LOVE our newest filigree earring.  It's the perfect shape and size.

The crescent ear is the perfect summer earring for day and night.

Our skinny round stack bracelets are experiencing quite the revival.  I love stacking them with other embellished skinny bangles.  You can't have enough in Tokyo.

This is a new chain ear.  I like it, and I have high hopes for it!  It's kind of unique, but not totally out there.

Solid cuffs-solid for Spring and Summer with jeans and a t-shirt

All our chain necks are still doing really well, and they're all available in these colors.

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